Collectors Corner: Adams and Lydia Mitchell

In 2008, Adams and Lydia Mitchell bought the work of art that would kick off their collection.

At the now defunct Gaartdensity Gallery, they eyed a piece created by artist Jason Craig which illustrated breaking away from the norm. A robot is shown running away from the orderly ranks of the other robots. That idea has guided them through the amassing of their art collection.

Adams shared, "We like the art that catches us by surprise." A quick glance at the variety of artwork in their collection reveals all the work shares an aspect of requiring a second glance.

With Lydia and Adams being creators themselves, in visual art and music respectively, they are keen to the process and purchase art when it piques their interest. Beyond the purely subjective experience, which Adams shared is what initially gets their attention, it is having an invested interest in the artist and the work that is at the heart of it all. It’s supporting a creative community.

As time progressed, they became more involved in the gallery scene and developed friendships with the artists whose work they enjoyed, such as Jay Jacobs, who had this to share about the Mitchells:

Adams and Lydia Mitchell's collection of artwork reflects who they are through the pieces they choose. They bought each one because they want it to be a part of how they experience the world on a daily basis. Their collection of artwork is what I think any successful one should be: autobiographical.

Adams is part of the Creases crew which produces a monthly zine reflective of the creative scene in Augusta, Ga. As for the mission of Creases, Adams said, “We don’t shine light on the negative. We focus on what we have in our creative community.”