Founded in 2016 by a collector and an artist, Wolf and Finch®, a registered trademark of Indiemark LLC  was born from a desire to include all people in the contemporary art world - whether they be enthusiasts, first-timers, new collectors, or seasoned collectors and institutions - we strongly believe that everybody should be able to enjoy amazing art.

In selecting our artists, we put talent and ability before reputation, status, or profile. We therefore represent artists spanning a broad range of different ages, races, cultures and backgrounds. The common denominator between them all is undeniable talent.

Our flagship gallery is located in the very heart of Augusta Georgia, on iconic Broad Street. We strive to ensure that our visitors and our clients feel that they can truly enjoy in an environment that is pressure-free, exploratory, and exciting.

Beyond the gallery space, we have long wanted to provide a platform for the world's most exciting talent to showcase their work to the widest possible audience. We don't believe that incredible work should be reserved for only the select few. We are strong believers in the power of online, and we use digital and social media to share our artists and their work to audiences all over the globe.