Blue Hair - A Solo Exhibition by Anna Patrick

Blue Hair is Anna Patrick’s third solo exhibition in Augusta, Georgia and is a continuation of ideas and process cultivated over the past few years.

"This particular body of work is changing the way I am interacting with the viewing space," said her artist. "I am exploring new ways to display sculpture, specifically soft material, in a more traditional way. I always strive to create a sense of play and nostalgia through shape, material, and color. I am continuing to explore how traditional sewing methods can be used to create work that is related to the body, sex, innocence, and the norms of gender stereotyping. By removing the viewer’s ability to touch the work, I am hoping to create a new level of interaction that is more centered in thought and concept."

Join us October 6th 5-9 pm during the Westobou Festival at Wolf and Finch located at 850 Broad Street Augusta, GA 30901

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