Hul Gil: The Plant of Joy new work by April Michelle Traugott

For her body of work entitled; "Hul Gil: The Plant of Joy", April Michelle Traugott embraced her childhood love for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and drew inspiration from the breathtaking poppy field.

"It wasn’t until later in life that I learned of the conflicted personality of what has sometimes been called the 'blood flower'. While considered beautiful for its delicate and brilliantly colored petals, the poppy also carries a deadly and dark side.", said April.

"Throughout this particular work, I aimed to maintain the recognition of the poppy flower while manipulating its physicality of beauty. I felt the best way to achieve this was to create a type of environment; mixing both two-dimensional and three-dimensional depictions, as well as various colors, mediums, and titles. As a result, my intent is to present the diverse perspectives of this complex flowering plant, but to also display the multiple influences the 'inducer of sleep' has on the mind."

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