Grand Opening Takeaway: A Candid Interview with Jay Jacobs

Wolf and Finch: Thank you for your appearance, and unexpected assistance, at our grand opening reception. It made the event that much more amazing.

Jay Jacobs: It was my pleasure. I turn into an excited 14-year-old girl who just discovered a new boyband when I have the opportunity to expose people to that much good art. 

The main thing I took away from the evening is how real the disconnect has been between the creative people at the University and the creative people in the broader community. It was crazy how many people were just like me and meeting Chad Tolley for the first time even though he's been making that much work in our community for years.

Having Chad Tolley as the first artist you represent was extremely wise regardless of whether or not you actively recognized all the reasons why.

There was a lot of cross-pollination happening and not only were the artists being acknowledged but the event gave opportunity to recognize very rooted supporters of art and artists in our town and let them be introduced as what they actually are.

What I mean, there is a couple that has been collecting artwork for 15 years. They are fucking collectors but because everyone knows them as Adams and Lydia they don't think of them that way they just think of them being at every art opening and buying work.

Chad Tolley met them for the very first time as art collectors and they met him as an established artist. Now that is how they know each other. You created that connection. That's how we change our creative community's identity. It's not giving people exposure, or writing surveys, it's teaching our community how to see things as they actually are.

Wolf and Finch: Your clarity and experience is evident and appreciated.

Jay Jacobs: If my line of thinking is clear it's because I've subscribed to the wrong idea so many times that when the right one comes along it's very easy to recognize. Your space is as much of a teaching tool as it is a place to enjoy artwork. Thanks again for letting me run my mouth at your event. I can't wait to put work up at Wolf and Finch